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About Us

Who We Are

The Healthy Child Co is the vision of health specialist Charlie who is passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of children.


Charlie is a qualified specialist public health nurse. Charlie has worked for the NHS for over ten years. She lives, eats and breaths public health. Exercise and eating well are paramount to her wellbeing. She loves surfing, running, yoga and CrossFit! She has a special interest in child nutrition and was an infant feeding champion health visitor. Charlie’s warm and empathetic personality encapsulates everything she does and enables her to deliver compassionate and understanding healthcare. She is extremely passionate about supporting each individual child’s right to health and happiness and ensuring they reach their maximum potential.


“I found the healthy child co baby nutrition workshop invaluable. I was feeling under confident and unprepared for the next step in child nutrition. Having completed the workshop, I feel prepared and even excited for the next step in my babies development.”

Vicky & James

“A fantastic workshop that I would highly recommend to anyone”

Nicole & Emmy

“Charlie’s presentation skills are excellent and she was so patient around the crying babies”

Gemma & Evie

“Charlie’s approachable and understanding demeanour made asking questions easy and comfortable, no questions are too silly for her”

Janet & Freddie

“Really enjoyed the course, it has made me quite excited about and looking forward to introducing solids”

Amy & Sam

“Charlie is such a warm and empathetic nurse, her professional and highly knowledgable approach made the transition to parenthood much easier”

Ben, Abigail & Amelia

“We had mixed feelings about health visitors, hearing some bad experiences from friends. Charlie reduced all of our anxieties with her smiley and compassionate personality. We felt listened to and supported by her, exactly what we needed when having a first baby.”

Charles, Esme & Etta

“People don’t believe us when we say we have a good health visitor!”

Nick, Kas & Saskia

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