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Managing Minor Illness and Injury


Managing Minor Illness and Injury

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Managing minor illnesses and injuries can be a daunting prospect for many parents. Having an ill child or dealing with a minor injury can be overwhelming, but parents are best placed to help their child get better quickly. Understanding more about common childhood injuries and illnesses, and basic first aid skills, can help you decide what to do in different situations.

Our informative workshop is designed by a team of medical and health professional’s to advise and guide parents on the most up to date evidence-based research. It aims to familiarize parents with the most common childhood illnesses and how these should be approached.  Advice will be provided on a range of ailments, including fevers, coughs, colds and viruses, so parents have the knowledge and confidence to treat them effectively at home.  This in no way detracts from the importance of accessing professional healthcare advice and treatment when required, but rather provides the knowledge and confidence to tackle early symptoms, and signposts when further healthcare assistance should be sought.

This comprehensive 2-hour workshop explores; managing minor illness including chickenpox, whooping cough, hand foot and mouth, as well as common coughs and colds. It also explores managing minor injuries including bumps, bruises and breaks as well as paediatric basic life support and choking.

The face to face workshop is delivered by a qualified specialist trained public health nurse specifically trained to deliver paediatric first aid in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Workshop Price: £60
There are only 6 places per workshop, facilitating a small and interactive group.

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