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Parental Wellbeing Workshop


Parental Wellbeing Workshop

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Parents are fundamental in shaping the experiences and environment in which their babies exist. Becoming a parent is an exciting but often overwhelming experience. Parents can often neglect their health and prioritise their child’s health instead. However, child health and wellbeing is directly connected to that of their parents, therefore maintaining parental health is essential for supporting healthy child development.

This comprehensive 2-hour workshop has been designed by a team of medical and health professionals to advise and guide parents on the most up to date evidence-based health and wellbeing research. It explores, why parental health is important to child development, the transition to parenthood, how to maintain parental health in the postpartum period including healthy relationships, physical and emotional health and nutrition as well as how to access appropriate support if needed.

This workshop encourages and enables parents to be mindful of their health and how to be active role models for their children, ensuring parents can love, care and give their baby the attention they need to grow into happy healthy children.

Workshop Price: £25
There are only 6 places per workshop, facilitating a small and interactive group.

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