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Virtual Sleep Consultancy Package

Sleep Consultancy Package

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There is so much conflicting advice about baby and toddler sleep and even more opinion. The wealth of information is overwhelming. Responsive sleeping is a technique used to tune into a child’s natural sleep patterns and encouraging them to sleep when they are communicating they need it. All families can use responsive sleeping to change sleep behaviour.

We support families to tune into their children in our warm and empathetic approach to sleep. We listen to your families needs and design a plan based on research-based realistic expectations. Our individualised, responsive sleep package encourages healthy sleep in children in a compassionate and caring manner.

This includes;

  • A two-hour holistic health and sleep assessment completed virtually.
  • A holistic individualised sleep care plan.
  • Five weekly telephone or video consultations to support your family establish and sustain healthy sleep patterns.
  • Five weekly plan updates.
  • WhatsApp support in-between calls as required.
  • Life changing support to help you get a good nights sleep!

Our bespoke package is unlike any others available. Our specialist nurses have a wealth of experience and expertise. They empathetically listen to you and your needs.

Package Price: £850

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