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The New Baby Package

The New Baby Package

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The newborn period otherwise known as the fourth trimester is a mixture of emotions. It is a whirlpool of love, calm, joy, happiness, stress, despair, grief, and so many more.

It can feel quite overwhelming for new parents who can receive unsolicited health advice from friends and family. Our empathetic and compassionate support package is delivered by qualified specialist public health nurses. They use their wealth of expertise and training to provide the best care and support in your transition to parenthood.

We meet you face-to-face antenatally to alleviate and support pre-birth anxieties, advocate for birth and feeding wishes. Our face-to-face support after birth focuses on birth recovery, parental health and healthy child development. Enabling and empowering parents in the early days to raise a happy, healthy child.

Our new baby package includes;
– One antenatal visit before the baby’s arrival.
– Six weekly visits after the baby’s arrival.

Package Price: £475

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