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Toddler Emotions Group Coaching

Toddler Emotions Group Coaching

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Our group toddler coaching focuses on understanding and managing toddler emotions via emotion coaching. Emotion coaching is a principle focused on nurturing and supportive relationships which guide children through learning and managing their feelings. After this coaching, you will have life-changing skills needed to promote your toddler’s lifelong emotional health, intelligence and resilience. 

An increasing body of scientific research documents the importance of positive parent-child interactions. Loving interactions with parents improves a child’s self-esteem, self-regulation, self-confidence, independence and child mental health and wellbeing. A toddler’s advancing emotional development can result in tantrums and emotional dysregulation. This can be physically and emotionally taxing on parents wellbeing.

Research shows positive parenting techniques are more likely to be successful for long term behaviour guidance and improve parental autonomy and wellbeing. 100% of parents that have completed this programme report a significant increase in their understanding of approaches to parenting, toddler emotions, and tantrums. All parents reported a significant improvement in their toddler’s behaviour and a more enjoyable relationship with their toddler.

The package includes;

  • 2-hour holistic health and behaviour assessment to find out your individual families needs.
  • Five weekly group video sessions to support your family establish and sustain the healthy boundaries toddlers need to thrive.
  • Five weekly step by step guides to complete with full of information, advice and support.
  • A weekly Q and A at the end of each session.
  • A plethora of information on toddler emotions, development and behaviour
  • WhatsApp support as required in between calls.
  • Empathetic listening in a non judgmental setting to support and guide you through these changes. 
  • Life-changing techniques to support your toddler’s lifelong emotional health and improve your relationship. 

All coaching and information provided will be delivered by a qualified specialist public health nurse.

EARLY BIRD Price: £300
Full Cost Price: £450
*To qualify for early bird sign up before 31st of December 22′ this package will only ever be launched at this price once!
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