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Toddler Sleep Workshop


Toddler Sleep Workshop

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Sleep plays an integral part in the physical, emotional and mental development of children. We recognise there is a wealth of information available with often conflicting advice which can leave parents feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Our informative workshop is designed by a team of medical and health professional’s to advise and guide parents on the most up to date evidence-based research. It will prepare and empower you with the knowledge and skills to enable you to introduce and encourage healthy sleep behaviours in your toddler with knowledge and confidence in a gentle and caring way. 

Our comprehensive workshop is delivered by a specialist trained nurse in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Workshop will explore;

  • Understanding normal sleep patterns.
  • How development effects sleep.
  • Different sleep personalities.
  • Nightmares and night terrors and how to deal with these.
  • How to encourage sleep in a gentle and caring way and so much more…!
Course Price: £60
There are only 6 places per face to face workshop, facilitating a small and interactive group.

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Toddler Sleep Course - Wednesday 11th May 20:00 on Zoom