Who we are

Our website address is: https://www.thehealthychildco.com.

Hosting and SSL

We use secure server technology, including Trustwave SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption so that your browsing session is protected. Using this technology helps to minimise the ability for unauthorised parties to access any data passed between your browser and our website’s server.


This website makes use of cookies. Most websites make use cookies to operate effectively and to optimise a visitor’s browsing experience. A site will often generate cookies, which are small text files sent between a web client and server, on its users’ computers and devices. These allow the website, among other features, to recognise which pages have been visited during a browsing session. Therefore your computer or device may be able to ‘recall’ which pages you have viewed and your navigation through a website.

If you disagree with the use of cookies on our site, you should leave immediately, or disable the cookies. If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings. Should you disable any cookies, the website may not continue to function properly.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to anonymously track data relating to visitor behaviour patterns. This is done in order to measure numbers of visits to a particular parts of a website, or use of features. No personal or data which could be used to identify site visitors is collected by Google Analytics.

Third Party Links

Links to third party websites may appear on our website where these are believed to be relevant to our content and may be of interest to our visitors. Third party websites should have their own privacy policies, and we cannot be held liable for their policies or non-compliance with data protection laws.

Mailing Lists

You can actively consent to opt-in to our mailing list via the website. We will never share your data with other businesses or organisations. Details will never be passed on to a third party for marketing purposes. Clients may unsubscribe from this service at any time. Any emails we send out via our mailing list service will contain an ‘unsubscribe’ link. We keep the contact details securely on MailChimp, a company committed to GDPR.

Bookings and Payments

Payments for course bookings are accepted via the Payment gateway Stripe. Payment data is encrypted and stored on Stripe’s secure third party servers. We do not store payment details on this website or the website’s server. When you place an order, your name and email address is stored privately in a database on this website as a record of that order. You may request removal of your data from the website any time by contacting us.

Contacting Us

Should you wish to contact us via our website’s email contact form, we will never share any of the data you provide with any other business or individuals, and will delete the data that you have provided on request.

Further Information

Please contact info@thehealthychildco.com if you have any queries about our policy, or would like us to delete your name and email address from our website’s database (if you have placed a booking order with us).